Bulb, Posy Bowls and Flower Troughs


The only "Posy Bowl" that Davidson produced in Cloud Glass was the popular 204 design. The 204 started out with only three variations - the 204 with a flat horizontal rim, the 204 D with a turned down rim and the 204 R with a turned down rim and rolled edge. In the 1950s, these three basic designs gave way to a large variety of styles which had the rim shaped in every possible direction and shape. Sadly none of these later shapes were produced in Cloud Glass, although they were copied by other glass makes such as Sowerby. The 204 style was first produced in 1935 in two sizes, 7.5"and 9". This was followed in 1936 by a 12" version. 

The wide rim of the posy bowl was moulded to produce an undulating surface, similar to the sides of the 732F Bowl, and was known as 'Optic' (See the Orange 204D bowl below). In January 1936 Davidson introduced a new plunger for the mould which produced a smooth rim. From Davidson's records it appears that this 'plain' design was intended for Cloud Glass only and indeed most Cloud Glass forms of the 204 have this 'plain' rim. However, by accident or design some Cloud Glass 204s were made in the 'Optic' style and plain glass 204s in the 'Plain' style. After the war only the two smaller sizes of the 204D variant were made in Cloud Glass. 

Bulb bowls were sold to grow flower bulbs of different sizes. The most famous one for Davidson was the 291 'Tutankhanum' bowl introduced in 1923. Despite its long production time (1923 to 1940), this bowl is still a rare item to find. For larger bulbs Davidson made the 292 design, which is similar to the 697 bowl. In 1936 Davidson registered the design for a support which would hold 3 hyacinth bulbs. Very little of this style was made in Cloud Glass. 

Glass troughs for displaying small flowers were very popular pre WWII. Bagley produced these in a large variety of shapes, including a popular heart shaped trough. Davidson limited their production to a 6" straight trough and a 6" diameter circular trough. Only the circular trough was made in Cloud Glass.

Davidson Pattern No:  204
Known Cloud Colours:  Amber, Green, Purple, Orange
Size(s):  7.5", 9" and 12.5" Diameter
Date Range: 1935 to 1940
Description:  This version has a flat horizontal rim. Davidson's records indicate that initially they planned to call this style the 204 F.

All of the 204 style bowls were either sold separately or with a matching No 3H Dome Flower Block. The flower blocks were either 2.5", 3" or 4" depending on bowl size

Davidson Pattern No:  204 D
Known Cloud Colours: Amber, Green, Purple, Orange
Size(s):  7.5", 9" and 12.5" Diameter
Date Range:  1935 to 1954
Description:   The D version has the rim turned down. This appears to have been the most popular style as it is the only style that was made after the war (in 7.5" and 9" sizes).

The picture, right, shows the 'Optic' version with the faceted rim. Most Cloud 204 bowls were produced with the smooth plain rim.

The 12" version was introduced in 1936.

Davidson Pattern No:  204 R
Known Cloud Colours: Amber, Green
Size(s):        7.5", 9" and 12.5" Diameter
Date Range:  1935 to 1940
Description:  The R ("Rolled" edge) version of the 204 posy bowl consists of a D type bowl with the edge turned up. The 7.5" version was introduced in 1936 and the 9 and 12" versions in 1937. Production of this variant ceased between 1938 and the start of the war.

Davidson Pattern No:  205
Known Cloud Colours: Amber, Green
Size(s):        6.5" Diameter
Date Range:  1935 to 1954
Description:   Small flower troughs such as this were very popular, and all of the major glass manufacturers produced similar items. Davidson produced the 205 circular trough and the 206 straight trough. Only the circular 205 trough was made in Cloud Glass.

Although production of this style continued after the war, it was only made in plain colours.

Davidson Pattern No:  291
Known Cloud Colours: Amber
Size(s):         6" Square
Date Range:  1923 to 1940
Description:  The design of this bowl reflected the great interest created in all things Egyptian when Tutankhanum's tomb was opened in 1922. The images in relief on the side of the bowl depict a Lion, a Sphinx and Egyptian 'hieroglyphs'. This bowl is quite rare and the only known Cloud colour is Amber. Most examples of this bowl found are in matt black.

Davidson Pattern No:  292
Known Cloud Colours: Amber, Purple, Blue
Size(s):        8" Diameter
Date Range:  1923 to 1940
Description:   From 1923 until 1936, this bowl was sold simply as a bulb bowl. In 1936 Davidson registered the design ( 809129) for a glass support to hold 3 Hyacinth bulbs. The bowl, bulb support and the 'Stayket' Bloom support were then sold as the 292 Hyacinth Set. The picture, right, shows an Amber 292 bowl with the 809129 bulb support.

The 292 bowl does occur in Cloud colours, however, the 809129 glass support does not appear to have been made in any Cloud colour.

(We have tried using this set to grow Hyacinth bulbs, and have found modern prepared bulbs are too small to be used successfully)

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