Davidson Cloud Glass


Davidson made more Cloud Glass than any other manufacturer. The majority of Cloud Glass was made in the 'fancy' glassware designs of flower bowls and vases. Only a relatively small amount was made in domestic glassware such plates sugars etc. Of all of the colours made by Davidson Amber is the most common.

The pages in this section are a catalogue of all the different styles made in Cloud Glass by George Davidson. It is not intended to be a complete catalogue of all Davidson products, although in time that may happen. For each item, we have included the following information:

  • Davidson Pattern No
  • Known Cloud Glass Colours
  • When produced
  • Variations
  • Sizes

The information has been obtained from Davidson Catalogues and other sources such as the Pottery gazette and Glass Trades Review and Davidson's own records where available. The date range for each item is approximate. The item may have been made in Cloud Glass for a shorter period than that given.

As with all of Davidson products, sizes can be fluid. In one catalogue a piece may be described as 10.5 inches in diameter and in another 11 inches. Sizes are therefore best described as approximate. Davidson used a letter code which indicated the style or size of the piece. As with sizes, terms such as Medium are relative. Known letter codes are:

B Big ?
C Rim is vertical
D Rim is turned down
F Flared Rim
M Medium
G Giant ?
R Rim turned up ?
S Small
T Tiny
V Vase

We have included in this section only examples which can be definitely attributed to George Davidson. All other examples, except those for Jobling and Sowerby, are catalogued on a separate page.

If you can add any information to this catalogue, then please let us know.

Copyright (c) Chris and Val Stewart 2001