Sowerby Cloud Glass

Until recently, the only Cloud Glass believed to have been made by Sowerby was the Purple Agate glass they made in the 1960s. In January 2004 an Amber Cloud Glass vase was sold on Ebay. This vase, described below, is in a design Sowerby registered in 1934. To our knowledge this is the only known example of Sowerby Amber Cloud.

Sowerby Pattern No:  Unknown
Known Cloud Colours:  Purple
Size(s):  6" Diameter
Date Range: Early 1960s
Description:  This posy bowl is an almost exact copy of Davidson's 204 SS Posy Bowl. It comes with a clear glass flower block which is just under 2.5" in diameter. The flower block has 8 holes and is similar in shape to the Davidson No 8 semi-dome. 

Sowerby Pattern No:  Unknown
Known Cloud Colours: Purple
Size(s):  7.5" by 3.5"
Date Range:  Early 1960s
Description: This ashtray/dish was in a style popular in the 1960s. It is very similar in shape and size to Davidson's 589/2 dish which was designed for Davidson by the 'Design Research Unit', London.


Sowerby Pattern No:  Unknown
Known Cloud Colours: Amber
Size(s):  7.5" tall by 5.5" diameter
Date Range:  Unknown
Description: This design was registered by Sowerby on the 12 February 1934. The design is very similar to one made by one of the larger pottery manufacturers. The walls of the vase are very thick (0.25 inches) which makes the vase very heavy and cumbersome. The vase came with a square flower support, again made in thick glass. It almost seems as if this should be a design for clay rather than glass.

Due to the thickness of the glass, it is not a good candidate for making in Cloud Glass. The trails appear as dark shadows in the glass rather than as trails, thus loosing some of the effect you normally expect to see in Cloud Glass. Most of the trails of Purple glass are concentrated at the top of the vase, the foot being virtually plain amber.

When Sowerby made this vase is not known. Early examples of this vase have the design number moulded in the inside base. This example does not, which tends to suggest it was made much later. The 790213 vase is not commonly seen, which again makes it an unusual choice for making in Cloud Glass. One would have expected that Sowerby would choose a more popular design, and one better suited, to make in Cloud Glass.

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