Jobling Cloud Glass Catalogue

Jobling produced a small range of Cloud Glass styles in 1936. The range was limited to a few bowls and a trinket set. Only one Cloud colour appears to have been produced which was Tortoiseshell (unfrosted Amber Cloud). The extreme rarity of Jobling Cloud suggests they were not made in great numbers or for any length of time.

Why Jobling did not sell their Cloud Glass more widely is not clear. It has been suggested that they were concerned not violate Davidson's patent. As Davidson never patented Cloud Glass (except for painted Cloud glass - ORA) this cannot be the case.

A more likely explanation is that consumer tastes were changing. Certainly by 1936 Davidson were only advertising Cloud Glass in Purple, Amber and Green. Cloud Glass had been around for 14 years and the public wanted something new.


Jobling Pattern No:  12500 Trinket Set
Known Cloud Colours:  Tortoiseshell
Size(s):  Tray 15.75 by 10.75 inches
Date Range: 1934 to ?
Description:  This Art Deco style trinket set consists of the tray, a pair of tall candlesticks, two small powder jars, one large powder jar and a ring stand. The set is normally found in Jobling's Jade Green. The picture below is from a 1934 Jobling Catalogue.

The trinket set, and the bowl below, share the registered design number 795794 (22nd August 1934)

Jobling Pattern No: 
Known Cloud Colours: Tortoiseshell
Size(s): 6" inches diameter
Date Range:  1934 to ?
Description:  Small posy or flower bowl in the same pattern as the 12500 trinket set. The bowl bears the registration number 794795. The trails in this example vary between purple and red.


Jobling Pattern No:  2596
Known Cloud Colours: Tortoiseshell
Size(s): 11.75 inches diameter
Date Range:  1935 to ?
Description:  Large shallow dish with a raised pattern of curving lines. Jobling registered this design (No 801662) on 30th March 1935. The raised pattern on this bowl is a combination of the Walther Orla and Rotterdam designs!

The Purple trails are very dark, almost black.

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