Cloud Glass of (currently) Unknown Origin

The examples catalogued on this page are not known to have been made by either Davidson, Walther, Brockwitz, Sowerby or Jobling. Even the age of these pieces is uncertain. Hopefully in time new information will come to light and a positive identification made.

This bowl is a No 11371 Jardinière and appears in the 1935 H. Markhbeinn catalogue, although not in Cloud Glass. Markhbeinn were a French glass wholesaler. Most of the glass in their catalogue was supplied by Inwald (who originally made Jacobean Glassware for Clayton Mayers) with a few pieces supplied by S. Reich and other manufacturers. These Jardinières are described as 'Bohème'.

Unfortunately the catalogue does not tell us who supplied the 11371 Jardinière other than they were Bohemian. As far as we know Inwald never made any Cloud Glass, but Reich did. In about 1934 Reich went bankrupt and their moulds were sold to the Libochovice Glassworks. It is possible therefore that that this bowl was made by either Reich or Libochovice. The earliest known Libochovice catalogue is from 1948.

The Jardinière was made in 4 sizes, 12, 19, 21 and 24 cm diameter. The Cloud Glass example show here is 21cm in diameter

The MarkhBeinn catalogue can be found on the Pressglas-Korrespondenz web site.

An Amber Cloud Glass lamp base. The maker of this piece is unknown
A deco style vase in a 'Mossy Green' Cloud Glass. The maker is unknown. but could be Walther as it is similar to other Walther vases.
A glass column in Blue Cloud Glass. Age and manufacturer are unknown. The glass is cased.


A pair of these candlesticks recently appeared on Ebay. At first glance they appear to the short Davidson 283 candlesticks which are so common. These are very different. Firstly they are sepia, a colour we have no record of Davidson making. Secondly the size. These are smaller than the normal 283 candlesticks - 3.25 inches diameter compared 4 inches for the 283. They are also slightly shorter and the neck has been moulded differently. So who made them? I think we can rule out Davidson as there is no record of them having made Sepia or two variants of the 283 candlesticks. I'm not sure they are by Walther either. Walther certainly made Sepia, but their output is fairly well documented and nothing like these appear in any of their catalogues. Walther did copy another Davidson design the 1910BD bowl, but I don't think they copied these candlesticks. If they had then they would have copied the entire trinket set as these candlesticks belong to a toilet or trinket set. No such trinket set can be found in the Walther catalogues.

For the moment, I think the manufacturer remains a mystery.

This is another odd candlestick. Made in Purple Cloud, the trails suggest 1920/1930s Davidson purple cloud. The design of the candlestick is very 1970s/1980s. This style of candlestick has been popular in recent times and was designed for use on a dinning table. You can easily imagine a pair of these candlesticks on a dinning table at a suburban dinner party holding tall slender candlesticks.

The candlestick stands 1.5 inches high by 4.5 inches in diameter.

So the colour and trails suggest 1920s/1930s, but the style is 1970/1980s. Another mystery.

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