Catalogue of Walther Cloud Glass

August Walther and Sohne of Radeberg, Germany made Cloud Glass from about 1932 until 1939. The company was well known for making high quality pressed glass. Some of their flint and coloured glass has been attributed to Sowerby of Gateshead.

Walther sold their Cloud Glass under the trade name ORALIT. The name brings to mind  Davidson's ORA Red Cloud Glass. It is not clear whether there was any business relationship between the two companies. It is more likely that the Walther company was trying to associate it's products with Davidson's well established Cloud Glass Line. The Oralit range appears to have been started in 1932, a few years after Davidson introduced ORA.

Walther produced their ORALIT range in Amber, Sepia, Violet, Malachit (which we have been calling Topaz-Violet), Pink and Butterscotch Cloud colours. The ORALIT examples are quite rare and for some reason turn up a lot in Australia and New Zealand. This fact has led many people to believe that these colours were made by Davidson as the Davidson company had a strong presence in Australia.

Of the known Walther colours, Sepia appears to be the most common followed by Violet, Topaz-Violet, Butterscotch and Pink. Sepia and Violet were the first colours introduced in 1932. Malachit was introduced in 1935. Currently we do not know when the other colours were introduced. Amber is very rare.

The pages in this section lists all of the known Walther ORALIT styles. Included are some styles, which are believed to be by Walther based on the style and colour of the glass. These examples are noted as such. This catalogue is by no means complete. We have only included those examples where we have been able to obtain photographs or know for certain a particular style was made in Cloud Glass. In some instances where no photographs are available we have used images from Walther catalogues. These have been kindly supplied by Siegmar Geiselberger (

For more information on Oralit visit There are several articles on Oralit on this web site, including extracts from various Walther catalogues.

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