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16th October 2005
  • Amber Thistle dish identified as Brockwitz
  • Updated information about where to buy the book
7th September 2005
  • Davidson Glass a history is published
13th February 2005
  • Corrected broken links to newsletters
25th January 2005
  • Added 4 pages of Davidson Victorian glassware as part of the Davidson Identification guide.
  • Added many new pictures to the Davidson identification guide.
  • Added a few new Cloud Glass items including a rare pair of Blue Cloud Salad Servers
 1st December 2004
  • Redesigned web site navigation. Frames no longer used and hierarchical menu structure introduced
 14 November 2004
  • Added two new cloud glass items to the 'Cloud Glass of Unknown Origin' Page
  • Added some new images to the Davidson and Walther catalogue pages
 7 November 2004
  • Added page on Davidson Jade
11 July 2004
  • Added some more pictures to the Davidson between the war and post war gallery pages
  • Added further information about one of the Purple Cloud Glass bowls on the 'Cloud Glass of Unknown Origin' Page
14th April 2004
  • New page on the Pressed Glass Makers' Friendly Society
7th February 2004
  • Added Holophane page
  • Added Registered designs to Clayton Mayers Page
  • One of the 'Mossy Green' vases identified as Walther now on Walther page
18th January 2004
  • Added first know example of Sowerby Amber Cloud
  • Added more images to various pages
  • Minor updates to Clayton Mayers page
1st December 2003
  • Minor update to Clayton Mayers page
25 November 2003
  • New page on Clayton Mayers and George Davidson
28th October 2003
  • Updated the 'Davidson between the wars page' with more information about range of colours made
  • Updated Blue Cloud Glass page
  • Added picture of Sowerby label on a Sowerby Purple Cloud dish
  • Added some new pictures to the Davidson catalogue pages
  • more images in the Davidson post war and between the wars gallery pages including another two examples of 'Marble Glass'
4th October 2003
  • Added many new pictures or some rare example of Davidson, Walther, Reich and Unknown Cloud Glass
29th September 2003
  • Added S Reich & Co. to list of Cloud Glass makers
9th September 2003
  • September newsletter (Thomas Davidson's will, a Jobling 'Cloud Glass' patent, A new Cloud Colour)
8th August 2003
  • EBay statistics for Q2 2003
  • Updated Davidson factory history with details of purchase of the factory site
  • New pictures added to gallery pages
30th July 2003
  • Added an index page with links to all articles on the web site
25th July 2003
  • Minor update to Davidson post war and references page
13th July 2003
  • July Newsletter (The 1881 fire at the Davidson factory)
  • Two new Gallery pages - Davidson post war, Davidson between the wars
  • New images on many pages
9th June 2003
  • Added 'Davidson Glass between the Wars' page
26th May 2003
  • June newsletter available
  • Lilac bowl added to 'Other Colours' page
18th May 2003
  • Updated a couple of the ashtray descriptions with new information from the Public Record Office
14th May 2003
  • Added 535 bowl to the 'Other styles' page
13th May 2003
  • Added Cloud Glass Lion to 'Other Davidson Styles' page
  • Added some more images to the 'Davidson post WWII page
  • Add picture of 34 SVF to Davidson Vases page
3rd May 2003
  • May Newsletter - Article on George Davidson's will
  • New picture of the 325 Trinket Set
16 April 2003
  • Corrected identification of Davidson's first patent
  • Added a new advert on the wanted page
  • Minor change to Orange page
  • Minor change to Davidson post war page
13 April 2003
  • New page on Davidson glass post World War II
  • April 2003 Newsletter
  • First production date of Orange Cloud Glass revised
  • New addition to Jobling Catalogue page
  • Table of production dates for cloud glass added to the 'colours' page
  • Ebay statistics for the year 2002 and January to March 2003
22 March 2003
  • Corrected date of Davidson factory fire, plus added info about Neville moulds
  • Added picture of Orange Cloud Glass 696 F bowl
February 2003
  • February 2003 Newsletter lots to read!!
  • Started the Jobling Catalogue web page
  • Added more images to the Walther Bowl and Walther Vases web pages
  • Added more images to the 'Other Davidson Styles' web page
22 January 2003
  • Added more information about George Davidson and the Davidson Factory.
  • All Davidson history, designs, patents etc now under the 'George Davidson & Co' menu item
22 November 2002
  • Updated Walther Catalogue pages - more new images
  • Added more images to the "Davidson Other Styles" Page
  • Added Celery vase to 1910 page
9 November 2002
  • November newsletter
  • Latest Ebay statistics
  • Many additions to the Walther catalogue and colours pages
7 October 2002
  • Added page on Brockwitz Cloud Glass
  • Some updates to Walther pages including proper name for Topaz-Violet Cloud Glass
25 September 2002
  • Revised Davidson production dates for different colours based on their own records.
  • Added more photographs to the "Davidson Other Styles" Page
10 September 2002
  • Trade mark page complete
  • Updated 'Smoking related items' page with new information about the Everest Ashtray
  • New advert on the 'Wanted' page
2 September 2002
  • New pictures for the Davidson lamps page.
  • New pictures for some of the Davidson registered designs
  • Ebay Statistics updated to 31st August 2002
  • Updated ashtray and related items page
  • Updated Vase page
12th August 2002
  • Davidson registered designs pages now complete
  • August newsletter available
  • Additions to References page
14th July 2002
  • Completed Davidson Posy Bowl page
  • Completed Sowerby Cloud Page
  • Added 3 new patents to Patents page
  • Other minor updates
21st May 2002
  • Added Three piece Flower set page
  • Added Ebay Statistics
  • Minor Updates to other pages
April 2002

Updated Orange Page

25th March 2002  
  • Two piece Flower Set Catalogue complete
  • Updated all existing Davidson catalogue pages with new information
  • History of Geo Davidson page - more information added.
  • Patent Page updated
  • Added some new items to the Catalogue of Cloud Glass of Unknown Origin
5th February 2002
  • Corrected introduction to Davidson 1910 glass suite and added some more images
  • Updated information about Premier Flower Support
  • Updated the description to the Davidson 278 Vase
1st January 2002 Many small changes to different pages. Major changes are:
  • Added Catalogue page for Davidson 1910 suite of glassware
  • Started the Cloud Glass of unknown origin page
  • Updated some of the Walther pages with new examples
  • Added new Davidson Vase and ashtray to respective pages
3rd December 2001 Updated 'Flower blocks' page and Dealer page
24 October 2001 Added more examples of Walther Oralit and new images on various other pages
14th October 2001 Completed Davidson Vases Catalogue page
10th October 2001 Many changes in last month. Walther catalogue pages now available (There is still more designs to be included so keep checking). Three Davidson catalogue pages complete (Trinket Sets, Lamps and Smoking related items. Other minor changes and corrections
22nd September 2001 Changed many pages in light of the new information about ORALIT Cloud Glass and August Walther of Germany
16th September 2001

Changed/added the following:

  • First two Davidson catalogue pages available - Lamps and ashtrays
  • references page completed
  • Update on Sepia Cloud Glass
  • Other minor modifications
12th August 2001

Changed/added the following:

  • Added Registered designs for 1911 to 1920
  • Added new pictures on most pages describing the different cloud glass colours
3rd June 2001

Added few notes on final fate of Davidson company. Changed main page picture, and pictures on red cloud glass page.

3rd July 2001

Changed/added the following:

  • Added Registered designs for 1921 onwards
  • Updated most pages describing the different Cloud Colours
  • Added credits page
30 May 2001

Sepia cloud glass page now available.

14 May 2001

Corrected Attribution on Chippendale example on Amber page.

12 May 2001

Site went live. At this release the site contained content for:

  • Geo Davidson History
  • Cloud Glass Colours
  • Geo Davidson Patents
  • Dealer and Wanted pages

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