This site was conceived as being a source of information on Davidson's Cloud Glass and Cloud Glass in general. As we have been collecting Cloud Glass for a number of years it has become clear that there is a scarcity of good documentary evidence about some of the more unusual colours and styles in Cloud Glass. There is also a lot of folklore around which is being taken as gospel. A good example is that Davidson patented Cloud Glass. A search of the Patent records reveals no such patent, except for the well known patent for Ora.

We have attempted in this site to record all of the results of our investigations. The site is not intended to be static, but to be continuously updated as new information becomes available. Where no hard evidence is available for the origins of particular colours or styles, we have  put down our own views. We hope that other collectors will supply the missing information so that this site will truly become a complete and accurate history and record of Cloud Glass. Eventually we want this site to hold a complete catalogue of all Cloud Glass styles, colours and manufacturers.

In designing this web site we have followed the principal that developers of our generation learnt at their mother's knee (and which appears to have been forgotten today). This principal is known as KISS - Keep It Simple S tupid. To that end content takes preference over style, information over wiz-bang graphics. The photographs used on this site, unless otherwise stated, have been taken by ourselves. We are amateurs and hope you will forgive some of the quality!

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