Web sites dedicated to Glass


There are many hundreds of web sites devoted glass on the internet today. Below some that have been invaluable in helping us discover more about Cloud Glass. Please Email if you know of a web site which could be added to this list.


www.pressglas-korrespondenz.de  Siegmar Geiselberger's Web site is a must for any serious collector of glass. As well as articles on the web site, he produces a newsletter 4 to 6 times a year packed with information. Many well known collectors and experts contribute to his web site and newsletters.
www.pressglas.de  Arnold Becker has started to put his collection of over 700 pieces of glass on the internet. As well as pictures of glass from his collection the site also has brief histories of some of the glass works both in Germany and elsewhere. Most pages on the web site are available in German and English
www.glassmuseum.org.uk Broadfield House Glass Museum, Kingswinford, West Midlands. This museum has a wonderful collection of all types of glass and has regular events throughout the year. Admission is free.
www.glass.co.nz Angela Bowey's long established on-line museum and encyclopaedia of glass. The site has pages on almost every known form of glassware and has the most extensive list of links to other sites. The glass message board is also an invaluable aid to the collector
www.cmorg.org The Corning Museum of glass, Corning, New York. This world class museum has many resources for the collector, as well as some fantastic displays.
ysartglass.com Frank Andrews comprehensive web sit on Ysart glassware
www.glassfairs.co.uk The Original National Glass Fair takes place twice a year at the Heritage Motor Centre near Gaydon, Warwickshire
www.cambridgeglassfair.com The Cambridge glass fair takes place in February and September at the Chilford Hall vineyard, Linton Cambridgeshire
www.annzieroldfairs.co.uk The first Northern Glass Fair will be held at Harrogate on the 30th October 2005
www.glassyeye.com A new glass web site from David Encill featuring glass from his own collection
www.nazeing-glass.com Nazeing Glass have been making glass for 400 years. The Nazeing Glass web site will soon feature a museum of 20th century domestic glass
www.collectorsweekly.com/art-glass/overview The Collectors Weekly art glass pages

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