CloudGlass.Com Credits


We would like to thank the following people who have contributed photographs or information to this web site:

Arnold Becker  For identifying a piece of Amber Cloud glass as being made by the Brockwitz glass company. An important finding
Gary Bourke Photograph of Green with orange trails bowl
Bernard Cavalot Identification of the "Grecian" designs and additional Australian design numbers. Bernard also has been most helpful with his wide knowledge of Davidson Glass.
Mike Cawsey Photograph of Blue Cloud dish registered design No 737904 + many other images.
Adam Dodds Information about the Davidson Company in the late 1950s and early 1960s
Theo Faasen
Photograph of Sepia Cloud Glass vase and "Oralit" label plus other Oralit examples
Siegmar Geiselberger Siegmar has been very helpful and generous in sending information about Walther and Brockwitz glass. We could not have created the Walther and Brockwitz pages without his help.
Les Gorczynski Photograph of Yellow Cloud Glass Vase
Alfred Haley Picture of Jobling Trinket set and an unknown Amber Cloud pot
Tony Hayter Photograph of Purple Cloud 275 Vase. Photograph of Design NO 831491
Carol Jones Picture of 696F Orange Flower Bowl
Peter Pegg Photographs of Grey Cloud Class candlestick and powder jar
Michael Teunissen Pictures of Kopenhagen Vase, Mignon bowl and 280 Cake stand
Glen & Steve Thistlewood
Information about August Walther & Sohne, the makers of Oralit Glass. Image of moulded W from a Sepia Bowl.
Lyndon Wild Photograph of 325 Trinket set, Grey Cloud Candlesticks, Amber Cloud inkwell, Violet Cloud vase, Blue Cloud water set, Amber Cloud Ashtray etc


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