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Mainly Art Deco Glass

Mainly Art Deco Glass is an eBay shop in which Beverly sells Art Deco Glass. You can visit her shop at

20th Century Glass (Wayne Stephens)

UK based international dealers in antique & collectable art glass.  Their website also features a useful glass encyclopaedia and gallery.


Belrose Antiques

Fred Leyland deals in all manner of decorative antiques, but in the last few years has had more pieces of glass including Cloud Glass, with some always in stock . He also has a good selection of Nailsea, Bohemian Overlay, engraved Amber glass and  other interesting items. He has attended the last four NEC fairs and has just reserved stand No. X2 for the next three fairs in 2003.

Tel: 01623 799339

1st.Glass (Tony Hayter)

Tony has been selling glass on eBay since 2001. He is a general antique/collectable glass dealer but occasionally has cloud glass on offer and likes to seek out the rarer pieces.

Tony's web site has the unique online "English Glass Registration Lozenge Translator"

Web Site:

Bernard Cavalot

Bernard deals in most types of attributable British glass, mainly mid 19th century to mid 20th century, including a selection of interesting Cloud glass.   In recent years he has extended his range to include the products of some of the less well known glassworks from the interwar period, and so now is a leading dealer in Nazeing, Walsh and Jobling.   His stand is always to be found at the Woking Glass and Art Deco fairs, and at the biennial Milton Keynes fair.   Please email Bernard for a list of his forthcoming fairs.

Tel: +44 (0) 1908 568186
Id on eBay: bernard.cavalot
Id on : Bernard C

Blair Trottier

Blair has been collecting and selling glass for over 15 years. He specializes in "Art glass" from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. Everything from Art Nouveau to Art Deco right up to the Eames era. Most of the glass advertised is from American companies like Steuben, Durand, Tiffin, Pairpoint and Libbey. If you're looking for rare and interesting glass, this is the place to go!

Web Site:

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