Sepia (Braun) Cloud Glass

Sepia Cloud Glass consists of dark brown trails on a clear glass base. In most cases the underside or inside of the piece has been acid etched to make the surface matt.  Sepia Cloud Glass was made by the German company August Walther & Sohne of Radeberg. They called their Cloud Glass range "ORALIT", a name which they appeared to have registered. The original silver label sometimes survives, an example of which can be seen below. Other ORALIT colours include Violet, Topaz-Violet (Malachit), Butterscotch and Pink. 

Walther called this colour Braun or brown as can be seen in the page from a 1935 catalogue shown left. The vase above and the three examples at the bottom of the page can be found in Walther's 1934 catalogue (see the reference page for a link to an article on ORALIT). The powder pot at the bottom of the page is sometimes seen with a frosted glass figure on top. The figure is of a seated woman. The bowl at the top of the page is from the Pauline glassware suite, but is known by collectors as the "Maori" bowl due to the moulded pattern on the underside.

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