Blue Cloud Glass

Davidson introduced Blue Cloud in 1925. In the buyer's notes for November 1925, the Pottery Gazette wrote:

“The colour most recently introduced by G. Davidson & Co. is known as Blue Cloud. It follows the general lines of the Purple Cloud to which we called the attention of our readers on a previous visit to the firm's show rooms, and it is proving a very worthy contemporary. In flower bowls and vases it shows up to particularly good effect, and probably the treatment will be extended a little later on to goblets, candle sticks and other items, as in the case of earlier colours”

Blue Cloud glass consists of purple trails on a pale blue background. It was produced in the same patterns as Purple and Amber Cloud. Blue Cloud is probably not as common as Purple Cloud if current availability is used as a guide, however, it does produce a more pleasing affect. Blue Cloud Flower Bowls were sold with matching flower blocks and stands.

Like other Cloud Colours, most pieces have a polished and a matt surface. Pieces which are matt or polished on all surfaces are much rarer.

Blue Cloud Glass production ended in 1934. In that year only a very few pieces were made. 1932 was the last year that significant quantities of Blue Cloud Glass were made.

Recently some examples of another form of Blue Cloud Glass by Davidson have appeared. These have blue trails on a matt flint base. The blue is unlike both the Cobalt Blue made by S Reich & Co. (see below) and the blue in normal Blue Cloud Glass. This suggests that this 'Clear Blue Cloud Glass' may have been made in the 1960s. We know that some Purple Cloud was made in the 1960s by Davidson, so it is possible they tried blue as well. To date the only known examples of this newly described form of Blue Cloud are two No 20 bowls and a 283 sugar.

The Czechoslovakian company S Reich & Co produced a small range of items in a variety of Cloud Glass including Cobalt Blue. The most commonly found styles are a chamber stick and a small trinket set. Cobalt Blue Cloud has trails of Blue on a clear flint base. Cobalt Blue Cloud designs are rare.

A selection of other Blue Cloud pieces can be seen in the following pictures.

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