an image here Topaz-Briar and Topaz-Violet (Malachit)Cloud Glass

Briar was introduced by Davidson in 1957. This colour, which consists of a green base glass with purple trails, is also known as Topaz by collectors. As well as the standard flower sets and vases, Topaz-Briar can be found in new Davidson shapes such as the Ripple Pattern (above), and the 'Fan Vase' (below), both of which were introduced in 1939. Production probably continued until the early 1960s. Flower bowls are the most common form of Briar found on the market. These come with a matching stand and flower block.

The other form of Topaz is Topaz-Violet which was made by August Walther & Sohne in Germany from about 1935. This colour was part of their Oralit range of Cloud Glass and was called 'Malachit'. Unlike Davidson's Briar, Malachit has violet trails on a green glass base. The green base glass in Malachit will fluoresce under a UV lamp. The picture below shows a ripple vase in Topaz-Briar and a 'Pauline' dish in Malachit. Although the picture does not show the different greens, the different trail colours are evident.

Some examples of Malachit are shown below. They are in order: 'Perseus' rectangular bowl, 'Pauline' fruit dish and candles and finally a 'Hubertus' bowl.


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