George Davidson Trade Marks 1867 to 1959

Trade marks have been in use ever since commerce began. In the early nineteenth century the concept of a trade mark as a sort of property ( what we call today "Intellectual Property") began to form. At the same time the right to defend the use of a trade mark in the courts became established. In 1875 the Trade Marks Registration Act came into force. The act established the first legal register of trade marks and who owned them. A trade mark could be a word, phrase or a logo. Registration gave the owner exclusive rights to use the trade mark and the right to prevent unauthorised use through legal action. The legislation was further enhanced in 1883, 1905 and 1938.

When the act came into force companies were able to register their existing trade marks. Although Sowerby and Greener registered their respective trademarks, Davidson for some reason never registered their trade mark which consisted of a Lion rising from a castellated turret or coronet. In fact Davidson only registered 6 trade marks. All were in Class 15 (Glass).

Trade Mark Registration Number Date Registered Comments
PRISMET 309,408 8th January 1909 The trade mark was renewed in  1923
XOL 325031 4th July 1910 The trade mark was renewed in 1924.
ORA 501,506 4th April 1929 ORA was the name Davidson gave to Red Cloud Glass. The trade mark expired in 1943
CHIPPENDALE 577,220 14th May 1937 Although Davidson bought the moulds and rights to make Chippendale in 1933, it was not until 1937 that the Chippendale trade mark was finally re-assigned to Davidson from the National Glass Company. The trade mark was renewed in 1951
SILBO 586,688 4th July 1938 SILBO was the trade name used for their range of Toughened Tumblers. The trade mark was renewed in 1952. It expired in 1966.
FER-LUX 460,481 9th June 1954 FER-LUX was registered  by the National Glass Company Ltd on the 10th July 1925. The trade mark was purchased from them in 1954. The trademark was renewed in 1967.

Fer-Lux was a semi-opaque glass used in lighting.

612,195 24th June 1940 Toughened Glassware.  The trade mark was renewed in 1961 and expired in 1975.

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